It is important to note that no official body exists to regulate or moderate matters when it comes to making things “fair when it comes to dealing with positive or negative reviews for businesses that have been posted on the internet on various review sites [such as Google Business Reviews] from clients and customers. Capid Houser’s Online Reputation Management Marketing System is a key component of the digital marketing makeover programme and is something that will guarantee that it is the positive reviews and testimonials from clients regarding your business’ products and services that will be seen overall on the internet.

Almost every company (including competitors) as a matter of process performs internet searches searches for their service offering – knowing that this is the process that potential clients will take. So with that said – the question to ask is – how often does your company search for its various service offerings in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) – and when the results are observed; – are you happy with them ? The fact is that whatever you see will be what your existing or potential customers, rivals and customers will have written.

What is Online Reputation Management Marketing ?

The reputation that exists on the internet about your business is extremely important. With the ever increasing amounts of people that are searching the internet on a daily basis to review companies, bad comments and testimonials that find negative comments about your business can seriously affect the ability to attract new clients into your business. This is why it is has become vital to monitor your reputation online and to undertake a strategy that will deal with any sort of negative material and then proactively act to create positive press concerning your brand, your business and your products/services.

  • Responding To Comments About Your Company

    You may choose not to respond to negative posts and comments about your business but unfortunately your clients you will see the negative comments and may choose not to do business with you, your competitors after seeing the negative comments may choose to capitalise on the negative publicity regarding your business.

  • Responding To Comments About Your Company

    80% of individuals that have been surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad comment or reviews that they saw online. And with competition being stronger that ever before wanting to take your business, companies are now starting to realise that Online Reputation Management Marketing is now a requirement.


Why Keep Track Of Your Online Reputation ?

Based on research : 78% of internet users carry out product research on the internet using their computers, smart phones and tablet devices and 80% of these people who searched for information made a change in their decision as to which product or service to purchase after they took note of negative reviews or comments about a particular business’ product and/or services on the internet. the future sales of your business could well be at the mercy of online [negative] testimonials comments– or you can utilize these to your benefit!

Online reputation management marketing as developed and delivered by Capid Houser give your company the ability to reply to negative comments on a consistent basis as they show up around the internet. Proactive Online Reputation Management Marketing will enable your business to make the most of positive testimonials and comments that are out there about your business to ensure that it is the positive comments, reviews and testimonials that dominate the search engine results, this in turn will relegate the bad ones at the same time.

In addition to being related to companies, Reputation Management Marketing also relates to professionals as we see that some 44% of internet users have searched for details about someone whose services they are thinking about using in a professional capacity such as a doctor, legal representative, or plumbing contractor. You could use Online Reputation Management to offer those who are looking for these services a very positive overall impression of the professional service.

Review Building

We will collect and publish positive testimonials concerning your product, solution, or company. These reviews are published on specific internet websites and properties to ensure that they are able to counteract any negative out there on the internet about your business. The focus is to effectively “push down” bad evaluations and to feature favorable posts about you or your company.

SMO Profile Production and Optimization

We will establish your social networks accounts, specifically Twitter and facebook. For Facebook, we can produce a personal profile or a business page. We can maximize your accounts with tweets and web page updates, by partnering with groups, and by participating in conversations. We could tailor your social network account LINK according to your business branding strategies.

Social Media Boosting

Envision SMO profile production and optimization on steroids. This is an ongoing solution that will guarantee that your social accounts will be rich with activities which will lead to improving the internet credibility of your business. Besides updates, groups and conversations, we could additionally obtain friends and fans to add to your account.

Various other solutions such as Research and Analysis, Competituve Backlink Analysis, and Content Generation come under the ORM initiative. We will assess your existing online presence and make a personalized project to make use of exactly what you currently have in place for business branding purposes. Based on this study we will produce additional blog posts and micro-sites so that we can dominate the very first web page of the search results.

It Is Your Responsibility …

… to make sure that potential customers have the best impression of your and your business when they look for your products and services on the internet. Contact Capid Houser now enquire about our Online Reputation Management Marketing services as all clients are by application only.

Capid Houser Search Engine Optimization Solutions

The Search Engine Marketing process in general means that we have to apply specific rules that relate to two specific aspects the layout, architecture, html coding of your company website [and other internet portals] the content related to your business website that we create and publish. over the past few years.

… it is important to note that everything starts with specific keyword research that relate to your industry’s products and services. The number of keywords that we research into depends on the level of Search Engine Marketing [SEO] service that we carry out for your business. It is from the results of the keyword research that we base our ongoing content creation [blogs posts, articles, tweets, videos, commenting etc, etc] and subsequent publication on.

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