Content Marketing is the practice of writing and publishing valuable content online with the ultimate goal of acquiring new leads and customers. The process is focused on targeting a clearly-defined audience that has expressed some type of interest in your particular type of product, service, or business. Getting back to the concept of the marketing funnel we as business owners need to be bringing interested parties [via the use of Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing] into our specific marketing funnel.

The foundation of which is that of content marketing, this vital of aspect of marketing in today’s technology enabled world feeds off of the keywords used within the search engines and also from the social chatter that relates to our products and services offerings.

Daily content sharing, commenting & posting …

… of quality topic relevant content is the key to getting our voice ‘heard within social media and our website properties ‘found within the search engines. By publishing your own engaging and useful content online, Content Marketing helps you sell your products and services without actually selling. Instead of hard-selling, it allows you to deliver great information to your target market that naturally progresses into them becoming a paying customer.

  • Search Engine Keyword Research

  • Tiered Content Syndication

  • Content Repurposing

  • Strategic Content Linking

  • Social Media Chatter Monitoring

  • Micro Blogging

  • Video Marketing

  • Email Marketing

By having content related to your business’ products and services published [some of which will be under the name of the company brand some of which will not] that is engaging and of assistance to the readers in their desired goals. Content Marketing helps within the marketing process to make products and services more attractive to clients, i.e. selling without actually selling.

Within the content marketing realm of digital marketing – instead of hard-selling, it allows the business to get strategic with its marketing and to deliver great information to the identified target market segments that naturally progresses into them becoming a paying customer as trust and a relationship has been developed via published content.

Whether we are referring to and working on Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media or even Search Engine Marketing – the foundation of all of these aspects of Digital Marketing is that of the high quality content that we produce that relates to our company its products and services.

Content Marketing is one of the …

… most important segments of an overall integrated online marketing strategy designed to identify, target, engage and convert new customers to build a relationship with your business via the content that is consumed on the internet which in turns will naturally lead into the cultivation of paying customers.

We take a multi-tiered approach …

… to providing our clients with high-quality, professionally produced content written by our team of copywriters skilled in crafting topic specific articles, blog posts, emails, reviews, comments and more which are all based on that which is relevant and happening within the search engines and within the social media networks based on ongoing research and analysis.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable Content Marketing experts will analyse your companies market sector, selectively look at the competition’s activities and actively produce daily content whether it be blogging, micro blogging or articles in order to market and raise the awareness of your business in general and targeted visibility to specific identified market segments.

Content Marketing Strategy

When we work to launch what will be an effective Content Marketing strategy – the objective will be to align every activity with the needs of your target audience in order to attract, engage and convert the consumers of the content eventually into leads and based upon the length of the sales cycle and design of the marketing funnel turn leads into customers.

Ready to Get Started or wish to know more ? Whether you need an extensive Content Marketing Strategy or simply want to publish more content on a regular basis, we are here to help you achieve a stronger and more permanent connection with your target audience online.

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