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Channel Marketing within the Digital Marketing context is something that we here at Capid Houser think should be considered and dealt with from a top level strategic business perspective as more and more companies look to stamp their presence within the Digital Marketing realm which of course consists of many varying aspects such as …

  • Video Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing

… and of course there are many other tools that any company can use within their Digital Marketing Mix.

Channel Marketing fundamentals says that a retail outlet, coffee shop, beauty salon, car showroom, distribution outlets can be termed as Channels to Market. We can then look at the total realm of Digital Marketing as a Channel to Marketing and then the list above may be viewed as sub Digital Marketing Channels.

This leads us on to the topic of developing digital marketing campaigns and connecting any internet marketing activity to its intended target market segment via appropriate sub Digital Marketing Channels. The question that continually needs to be addresses and answered by a Digital Marketing Agency that is developing and executing Social Media, Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and more for its end user clients is how can on a continuous [say monthly] basis refine the message of our clients to make it relevant for the target clients. This will serve any marketing campaign in terms of engagement and ultimately culminating in building a [potential] client database for future marketing purposes.

The Channel Marketing fundamentals when carefully applied to Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing and the whole Digital Marketing mix from the campaign development stage right through to the continuous execution will result in more efficient internet marketing activities that will serve to build the brand equity of any corporation, brand or organisation. Attract potential clients into the marketing funnel and lead to more repeat business and revenue generation which of course is one of the key purposes of the process of the function of marketing.

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